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Troupant Publishers specialises in vocational learning and teaching materials aimed at preparing learners for the workplace or supporting those in employment progress.
Troupant Publishers offers an extensive range of textbooks for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges. Our materials cover curriculum requirements for the two streams of vocational programmes offered by TVETs:
  • National Certificate (Vocational), also referred to as NC(V)
  • Report 191, also referred to as Nated or simply N
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Troupant publications can be purchased in both hard copy and e-book format. Digital lecturer support material accompanies many lecturer's guides.



TVET College Resources

N1 To N6 Courses

These titles cover curriculum requirements for block release, semester or trimester Nated courses at TVET colleges.

Troupant has some 30 years’...

National Certificate (Vocational)

Troupant offers an extensive range of student textbooks and lecturer’s guides to cover all requirements of NC(V) curricula.

With its history as a...