The TVET First Series For TVET Colleges

Troupant offers an extensive range of student textbooks and lecturer’s guides to cover all requirements of NC(V) curricula.

With its history as a premium publisher of technical Report 191 materials, Troupant joined forces with leading global publisher Macmillan Education to publish popular, trusted, high-quality NC(V) materials under the respected TVET First series brand.

The NC(V) was introduced into TVET colleges from 2007 with the aim of helping graduates to be employable, and giving the South African economy access to critical workplace skills essential for economic growth. TVET First delivers that vision.

TVET First NC(V) titles are known for the thoroughness with which they cover the curriculum in each of the 14 vocational fields.

What you can expect from Troupant NC(V) books

o Printed lecturer’s guides with answers to activities
o Summaries and summative assessment activities at the end of each topic
o Plenty of activities and examples
o New word definitions
o Case studies with real-life applications
o Current, up-to-date content
o Clear illustrations and photographs to aid understanding

What lecturers say about TVET First

o ‘The printed lecturer’s guides contain guidance for lecturers as well as comprehensive answers, making our lives much easier.’
o ‘The service we get from the publisher is exceptional, and we can depend on them to get the books to us on time.’
o ‘The TVET First series covers a wide range of subjects at all three NC(V) levels.’

What students say about TVET First

o ‘The books look funky, they come in a large format, and they are better designed and more lavishly illustrated than any of the other books on the market.’
o ‘They are crammed with interesting facts that make the material come alive, and they are easy to read.’
o ‘The assessment activities are stimulating and there are lots of them. They help us digest the material and show what we have learned.’